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Cosplay Progreeeeeess! But… for 10 years there are really less costumes…. I need to create more! And from left to the right: Mogry (Final Fantasy), Druid Tier 1 (WoW), Great Saiyaman (Dragonball Z), Druid Tier 3 (WoW), Priestess Rao (Okami), Druid Tier 6 (WoW), Asmodian (Aion), Druid Tier 8 (WoW), Elyos (Aion), Alexstrasza (WoW), Druid Tier 9 (WoW), Wizard (Diablo III), Vanessa VanCleef (WoW), Barbarian (Diablo III), Soridormi (WoW), Aegwynn (WoW), Paladin Tier 2 (WoW), Warrior Tier 5 (WoW). And if you still didn’t noticed: I’m a HUGE Blizzard fan!

In addition you’ll find a progress gallery of all my last costumes on Facebook


Hey guys! I’m entered in the Adult Swim costume contest! I’d really appreciate if you could take the time and vote for me. The grand prize is $1000 and a trip to Atlanta, GA to visit the Adult Swim Studios. I’d love to visit and the money would help me with college! Bypass the costume contest information to my image below and press the thumbs up sign under my image. Peas and Carrots! :3 


- LadyLomax

Signal boost for my fabulous friend, Lady Lomax!

when silence drowns the screams: Things no one tells you about getting into cosplay.




  • There will always be someone that you feel is better than you. Always. Learn to accept that.
  • What takes you two days now will, with practice, take you two hours later. Keep at it.
  • There will be people who tell you that you’re too fat, or thin, or black, or white to cosplay…

OMG this really made me feel better today

Tiiiiiny addition to that set a goal like “win something at a costume contest” thing…

Costume contests are really fun, and I enjoy doing them. Most of the fun of cosplay for me is the ‘play’ part: I love ‘being’ my character. I adopt their walk, their mannerisms, their speech (as much as I can, anyway, I cross a lot and my voice doesn’t go /that/ deep), and it’s fun to show off both my roleplay skillz and my costume to fans. It’s also fun to get a close-up look at others’ costumes and hear about how they made them while in line and stuff.

However. DO NOT let the results of the contest affect your enjoyment of the event or your self-worth as a cosplayer. This is INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT. The judging criteria vary wildly between contests. Sometimes they’re looking for screen accuracy and will not score interpretations high. Sometimes they’re looking primarily at craftsmanship and won’t appreciate how hard it can be to assemble an awesome costume. Sometimes the judges will choose a ‘wow-factor’ costume no matter how many hours you spent on your intricate stitching (or sometimes the intricate stitching will win no matter how awesome your War Machine armor is). And sometimes the winners will be friends of the judges (this definitely happens at smaller cons). I’ve been in three contests at Dragon*Con (two track-specific, one overall, three different costumes), and all three were looking for something different in their winner. They were all fun, though!

So if you choose to enter a contest, be it at SDCC or Dragon or a smaller local con, go right ahead and enjoy! But don’t fret about how you do, and if it stresses you out when you don’t place, or even if it stresses you out, full stop, don’t enter! You have no obligation to compete in your cosplay if that’s not your style.

TL;DR: costume contests can be fun, you can learn a lot, some judges give helpful tips/criticism, but only compete if you’re chill with not winning and it doesn’t stress you out to be judged.

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