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Cosplay Progreeeeeess! But… for 10 years there are really less costumes…. I need to create more! And from left to the right: Mogry (Final Fantasy), Druid Tier 1 (WoW), Great Saiyaman (Dragonball Z), Druid Tier 3 (WoW), Priestess Rao (Okami), Druid Tier 6 (WoW), Asmodian (Aion), Druid Tier 8 (WoW), Elyos (Aion), Alexstrasza (WoW), Druid Tier 9 (WoW), Wizard (Diablo III), Vanessa VanCleef (WoW), Barbarian (Diablo III), Soridormi (WoW), Aegwynn (WoW), Paladin Tier 2 (WoW), Warrior Tier 5 (WoW). And if you still didn’t noticed: I’m a HUGE Blizzard fan!

In addition you’ll find a progress gallery of all my last costumes on Facebook

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