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Cosplay Personality Meme!

Choose a character from your cosplays that best suits each one…
You relate to most: Hodang, that’s hard. Probably Ramona Flowers, honestly. I’m kinda quiet and sarcastic but I’ve had a string of bad boyfriends, including some that were abusive. Also, I have literally been a manic pixie dream girl for a few guys, and it sucks. My purse is actually a modified black/red Ramona bag haha
The complete opposite of you: Rainbow Dash. I’m not really a badass, nor am I very sporty. She also has a LOT of confidence and brags a lot, and I actually have a lot of trouble coming to terms with my own successes, so thats deeeefinitely not me! We’re both kinda boyish and thats about where it ends.
The craziest: I mean, I guess the Bioshock splicer. They never really know where they even are sometimes, talking like people are still around and generally being freaky.
The biggest flirt: Not really any of my characters I don’t think? Dr Mrs The Monarch maybe. I don’t ever flirt in costume-characters though.
The hardest to stay in character: God, Bioshock Infinite’s Elizabeth. She is SOOO Disney Princess and pretty and stuff and that just isn’t me. I mean, I like to read a lot but the like… naivety and optimism and girliness is not how I roll.  
You’re most famous for being: Big Sister, most likely
Your least favorite: Elizabeth. Like I said, I feel really uncomfortable just being sortof the Disney Princess type.  As a result I only wore her twice before I gave it away (and its the first costume I have ever given to someone else)
You relate to their fashion sense: Bloody Mary comes the closest. Her costume is pretty much stuff I already had, and its pretty comfy.
You strive to be like: Probably any of the characters I usually play: confident, determined, and cool. Let’s go with Hellboy since he comes with a heavy dose of sarcasm and wit and has cool friends :D

Not tagging, but if you wanna do it, go for it!

Having the “oh god its almost DragonCon and nothing is ready and its not going to be ready because you have no idea what you’re doing and this costume means everything to you” hopeless anxiety moment. D:

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